BeatBuddy cover photo

About BeatBuddy

BeatBuddy is a music app that tailors music recommendations closely to the user's preferences by analyzing specific attributes of a particular song like tempo, pitch, melody, etc.

My Responsibilities

I worked alongside 4 other team members to complete this project. As the designer and front-end engineer of the project, I was responsible for designing and developing the interface of the BeatBuddy website. I developed the front-end of the website using React.js, HTML/CSS, Typescript, and Node.js.

How To Use:

  1. Go to BeatBuddy website.
  2. Click 'login for full access'.
  3. Use the following demo account to login:


    • Username:
    • Password: 3AM6ztH+wn429m

  4. Search and select a song you like.
  5. Pick a playlist mood.
  6. Enjoy! Your recommended playlist based on that song is now ready.

Note: If you are using Safari, you may need to click pause and play again to play the music for the first time!

Github Repository:

The repository can be found here.